2021-2022 Safe Return Plan

In order to spend ESSER III Funds the district is required to update our “Safe Return Plan” and post it for public comment. The plan is an update to our original “Return to School Plan” and has to contain specific items. It does not mean there is any change to our planned operation of school for the coming year.

You can submit comments through email them to [email protected], on our Grandfield Bearcats Facebook Page, or clink on the google-link below: We thank you for you input in advance.

Thoughts, Concerns, or Questions over 2021-2022 Safe Return Plan

Posted June 19, 2021 @ 2:30 p.m.


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(2021-2022) SAFE RETURN PLAN

The health and safety of the students and staff in Grandfield Public Schools is our number one priority. We firmly believe that a student’s greatest chance for success is being in the classroom with their teacher. However, the lesson we all have learned from the pandemic is that not everyone can be on campus physically. We understand that not all students have the same needs and that some students may choose to participate in virtual learning or distance learning. 

Throughout this pandemic there have been many needed changes and adjustments to our education plan. While we have made every effort to provide a decisive plan, we do realize that changes may be required in the future. We will update our community as changes occur.  All areas of this plan are subject to individual student’s needs. In addition, any area not specifically addressed in this plan will be left to the Superintendent and building administrator’s discretion in accordance with Board policy and state and local guidelines.

Communication with Parents and Community

All communication with parents and the community will be delivered via E-notes, social media (Grandfield Bearcats Facebook) as well as our school website at www.grandfield.k12.ok.us. We are committed to open communication with parents, students, staff, and the community. 


Grandfield Public Schools plans to follow our regularly adopted school calendar with students reporting on August 13th. While most students would prefer to be on campus for face-to-face instruction, some may not be able to attend school for a variety of reasons relating to COVID 19. To accommodate all students, Grandfield will offer:

  1. Traditional Classroom Instruction 
  2. Full-time virtual learning at home.
    There are qualifying conditions and guidelines that must be followed
    For option 2 so parents and students must apply.

School Cancellation and Shift to Virtual Learning

Based on changing health conditions, if school is closed due to COVID 19, Grandfield Public Schools will move to a virtual platform for all students as a last resort. 

Academics and Distance Learning

To receive credit and attendance for the courses for this school year, students are expected to participate in class activities and complete the assignments.

If schools have to be closed, students will be given assignments through the web-based education platform Google Classroom, Odysseyware, and Study Island. 

Electronic Devices

Students who choose virtual learning at home may check out a school device if needed.  This device is to be used for educational purposes only.

No deposit is required; however, damage of the device will be charged the same as a textbook that is checked out and damaged.

Devices will be checked out at the beginning of enrollment in the Virtual Program. 

Attendance Policies

All students will take cumulative semester finals at JH/HS and regular tests at the elementary.

Attendance policies will be relaxed for cases involving COVID-19 to provide for additional absences and to encourage sick staff and students to remain at home

Screening Protocols 

Temperature Screening

Parents will be encouraged to screen their student’s temperature daily before sending them to school. School personnel will temperature screen students upon arrival at school in the office.

Do not send students to school sick(With a temperature of 100° or more)

If a student is sent home with a temperature, parent should not send the student back until fever free for 24 hours (The student must be fever free without Tylenol, Motrin, or other medications)

District staff will perform a self-screening each day prior to coming to school. 


At-School Procedures for those with 100 degree or higher temperature

Any student or staff member who exhibits a fever of 100 degrees or higher will be immediately sent home. After being sent home, a student or staff member cannot return to school until one of the following criteria is met. 
WITHOUT COVID TESTING – student or staff member must not be present at school for 10 days or provides the school with a doctor’s note releasing them to come back to school
AFTER TESTING NEGATIVE – student or staff member can return to physical school 3 days of being fever free with no fever reducing medication OR a doctor’s note releasing them back to school
AFTER TESTING POSITIVE – student or staff members may return when all 3 criteria are met. 
At least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery 
You have improved in respiratory symptoms
At least 7 days have passed since symptoms first occurred. 

1. Students/Staff in protocol and absent from school are not allowed to participate in or attend school activities.

2. The student will become a distance learner at home until he/she can return to school.
3. The student will be counted as present because distance learning will be provided. 


A positive diagnosis does not necessarily mean shutting down a school site or the entire district. Grandfield will follow the recommendations of the Tillman County Health Department.    

COVID-19 Screening

The school will not perform COVID testing.

The school will not require a COVID test for students or teachers to return to school (at this time).

COVID testing is strongly encouraged for anyone who has symptoms.

Social Distancing

Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required to be worn by students or staff (at this time).

Students will be limited to two (2) people maximum in a restroom at a time. 

Sneeze guards may be added to reception desks at each school and additional hand sanitizing stations will be added.

When possible, Classroom desks will be spaced apart. 

Hygiene Practices

Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required to be worn by students or staff.

Extra hand-sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and other sanitizing materials will be readily available. 

Frequent hand washing is requested of all school personnel and students.

Hygiene lessons will be added to the daily curriculum (in the classroom, in building announcements, etc.)

Students will not share supplies in the classroom

Custodial staff will receive extra training in daily sanitizing

School Meals

Students will have meals prepared daily. 
Grab-n-go when possible.
Scheduling and seating will be adjusted based on the building and grade levels.
Cafeteria staff will serve everyone from the serving line.

Condiments will be provided in packets instead of common-use areas

In the event Grandfield has to shift to virtual instruction, meals will be served as a Grab-n-Go between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at the High School Cafeteria.


Parents are encouraged to bring their children to school. Transportation provided by the district is a privilege.

We encourage parents to check their student’s temperature prior to sending them to the bus pick up destination. 

If temperature checks during bus routes are determined to be necessary, students that are running a temperature over 100° will not be allowed on the bus. 

Buses will be sanitized daily.

Extra-Curricular Activities / Gatherings / Field Trips

Extra sanitizing of facilities will occur

Please understand cancellations and rescheduling of events is highly probable

Field trips will be limited, but still considered on a case-by-case basis in smaller groups

SAFE RETURN PLAN UPDATE - Plan to Align with Safety Recommendations established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

1-Universal and Correct Wearing of Masks 

Properly fitted masks covering the mouth and nose will be provided for those who chose to wear masks. Masks may be worn on buses and in situations where students are not able to social distance during times of yellow, orange, or red alert according to the State Department of Education COVID map.

2-Modifying Facilities for Social Distancing

Lunch times have been modified into smaller group sizes to promote social distancing. In classrooms, students are seated at maximum distance to promote social distancing in the classroom. 

3-Hand washing and Respiratory Etiquette

Students are trained and reminded in the classroom about the health benefits of proper and frequent hand washing as well as respiratory etiquette of covering the mouth during coughs and sneezes. There are posters throughout all facilities with these reminders. Hand sanitizer is available in classrooms, offices, cafeteria, and anywhere that students or patrons may pass.

4-Cleaning and Maintaining Healthy Facilities including Improving Ventilation

Grandfield Public Schools custodians, teachers, and staff sanitize classrooms, buses, and seating daily.

5-Contact Tracing Combined with Isolation and Quarantine, Collaborating with State, Local, and Tribal Health Departments

The Superintendent and principal has attended training zoom calls with the Oklahoma State Health Department, to be informed on the status of infections, testing, vaccines, and CDC guidance for prevention habits, isolation, and quarantine in order to keep our students and staff as safe as possible and to maintain in-person learning for all students. Students and staff who are fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine if they are traced to a positive exposure.

6-Diagnostic/Screening Testing

Grandfield Public Schools is in close collaboration with the Tillman County Health Department, and local pharmacy and testing locations who offer COVID support to our students and employees for screening and for vaccinations.

7-Vaccination Efforts for School Communities  

Fikes Pharmacy in Grandfield has provided vaccinations for our staff. In addition, Fikes Pharmacy is offering vaccinations for students 12 and older. In our enrollment packet we will continue to make it public knowledge that vaccinations are being offered for the community and our students 12 and older. We have on-going collaboration with the Tillman County Health Departments for contact tracing and COVID support. The Tillman County Health Department is also offering vaccination for our community and students 12 and older. 

8-Appropriate accommodations for students with Disabilities with Respect for Health and Safety Policies

At times when school is moved to remote learning due to COVID, students with disabilities will be offered the option to learn in person in classrooms that have been deep cleaned and sanitized.

9-Coordination with State and Local Health Officials 

The Tillman County Health Department and the Oklahoma Department of Health continue to support Grandfield Public Schools with information about outbreaks, COVID screening tests, and vaccination clinics. Grandfield Public Schools remain in close contact with the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the Oklahoma Department of Health, and the Oklahoma State Epidemiologist Office concerning the level of outbreaks and safety protocols enacted in our state and local area.

10-Describe how the LEA will ensure a continuity of services, including but not limited to services to address students’ academic needs and students as well as staff members’ social, emotional, mental health and other needs, which may include student health and food services

Grandfield Public Schools will continue to provide services such as: virtual and distant learning, online platforms such as Google classroom, Odysseyware, and Study Island. We will continue to provide counseling service for our students and staff. In the event of distant learning or virtual learning, meals will continue to be provided for our students and will be available for pickup.  

This plan is designed to help everyone plan for the start of school. This is an ever-changing landscape that is new to us all. Current conditions of local and state events may necessitate a change of this policy at a moment’s notice. Please contact your principals or the superintendent’s office with any questions.

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