D.O.L. Sentences and Lexicon Words

Second Semester D.O.L. and Lexicon

The words and sentences listed below are the daily class starters for the days listed.  Students who miss class are expected to complete these exercises on their own.  They will be quizzed over the material.

January 22-26th (DOL skills targeted:  Identifying run-on sentences and comma usage)

Greek Root  "graph" meaning "write"


john hancock was born today in 1737 he was the first man to sign the declaration of independence 

1/24 cartography

on january 24 1962 jackie robinson became the first african american elected to the national baseball hall of fame

1/25  epigraph

on january 25 1998 john elway led the denver broncos in there victory over the green bay packers in the super bowl  the win was the broncos first in five attemps since 1978

January 16-19   (DOL skill targeted:  appositive phrases)

Greek prefix "Pan" meaning "all"

1/16  pandemic

martin luther king jr leader of the nonviolent civil rights movement in the united states in the 60s was born in atlanta georgia on january 15 1929

1/17 panorama

prizefighter muhammed ali was born on january 17 1942 in louisville kentucky his given name was cassius clay

1/18  panchromatic

a a milne author of winnie the pooh books was born january 18 1882

January 8-12   (DOL skill targeted: subject and object pronouns)

Greek Root "Chron"  meaning time

1/9  chronological

Steve and him were an our late and he missed the bus to school.

1/10  synchronize

The students attending the game a lawton high are melissa and me.

1/11  chronicle

Just between you and I braums ice cream is better than the ice cream at dairy queen.

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